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Pastor’s kid Tom Nelson has spent his life in Outagamie County fighting for the blue-collar families he grew up with in Little Chute. He doesn’t take corporate PAC money nor did he marry into a billionaire family like Ron Johnson. Instead, he relies on small dollar donations to help power his campaign. Support us today to fire America’s worst Senator!

Tom with his wife Maria and his two children, Mary and George.
Tom with his wife Maria and his two children, Mary and George.

Meet Tom

5th-generation Wisconsinite Tom Nelson works overtime while raising his family in the Fox Valley, defending hard-working families in the fight against our rigged economy. He’s won six times in a Trump county because he stands up to FoxConn-like special interests and the corporate politicians in their pocket. Tom does more than talk – it’s how he worked to save 300 union jobs at a century-old paper mill facing closure.

One Day Stronger By Tom Nelson

It’s an amazing story and an object lesson about the value of unions as a counterweight to modern, predatory capitalism.

The American Prospect

One Day Stronger

The big banks wanted to shut down the century old Appleton Coated paper mill. As county executive, Tom worked with the local union and business community to save it. Learn more about THIS riveting story by watching the video below.

Learn more about the book here:

Watch the One Day Stronger Book Trailer

What They’re Saying About Tom...

“Nelson also wins consistently in a red part of the state.”


“Nelson may be the best person to bridge a divided and polarized Wisconsin.”

"...very much in the style of former U.S. Sen. Bill Proxmire’s successful bids in the 1950s and early 1960s."

Capital Times



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