From Columbine to Oak Creek to Charleston, Americans have become numb to tragic mass shootings.

It’s long past time to comprehensively tackle gun violence. As a father of two, Tom knows the fears that grip parents when they drop their children off at school– will THIS day be the next Newtown?

Tom believes we can honor the 2nd Amendment and Wisconsin’s cherished hunting traditions while getting guns out of the hands of criminals and making our communities safer.

The Gun Sense Candidate distinction is not an endorsement from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America or Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. It is a signal to supporters, volunteers and voters across the country that Tom Nelson advocates for gun violence prevention and will govern with gun safety in mind, if elected.

Tom’s Agenda:

  • Passing red flag laws to allow a family member or justice officer to petition for temporary removal of access to firearms from someone who is deemed to be a threat to themselves or those around them.
  • Pass comprehensive background check legislation that applies to unlicensed sellers. 
  • Support effective community based violence intervention and prevention programs. We need to help prevent day-to-day gun violence.
  • Ban high-capacity magazines, commonly defined as ammunition feeding devices capable of holding more than 10 rounds. 

Tom’s Record:

  • In the Assembly, Tom voted to oppose immunity for gun manufacturers and voted against concealed carry legislation.

Watch Tom’s video about National Gun Violence Awareness Day here.