Too often, our national rhetoric about climate change focuses on coastal cities, ignoring states like Wisconsin. But even without an ocean coast line, we’re greatly impacted by the climate crisis, with ever-present threats of wildfires, flooding, and rising temperatures threatening our Great Lakes and forests and rivers. The climate crisis is already adversely affecting our industries in significant ways. From tourism to agriculture, our economy is in trouble if we can’t find a path towards swift and bold action. Wisconsin needs a Blue- Green New Deal and is the ideal state to lead it with our progressive environmental and labor histories.

In order for a Blue-Green New Deal to succeed, there must be a strong partnership with organized labor and family farmers. Tradecraft unions will rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and accomplish the objectives of a Green New Deal including decarbonizing our economy, rebuilding our electric grid, investing in renewables and energy efficiency. We call this the Blue-Green coalition. Blue for labor; green for conservation and environmentalism, which happens to be the signature colors of this website and Tom’s campaign. A compact with our nation’s unions ensuring good paying jobs and benefits, workplace safety, job security and collective bargaining will solidify this partnership.

Over 60 percent of Americans support a Green New Deal to deal with the threat of catastrophic climate change. It’s time we recognize the urgency of climate change and lead the nation with swift action, especially as reliance on fossil fuels is helping to fund Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine.

For Wisconsin, the path forward must prioritize clean energy, green infrastructure, a commitment to worker rights, sustainable agriculture and a partnership with local racial, indigenous and climate justice activists. 

Tom’s Agenda:

  • An ambitious Blue-Green New Deal to reverse the destructive effects of man-made climate change and create millions of family-supporting union jobs to create a clean energy economy.
  • Shutting down environmentally dangerous projects such as Line 3 and Line 5 that have violated tribal sovereignty and devastated our communities with oil spills.
  • Focusing on rebuilding local food economies that prioritize family farms and regenerative practices over industrial corporate agriculture 

Tom’s Record:

  • While in the state Assembly, Tom pushed for the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a precursor to today’s Green New Deal that included emissions standards and job creation goals. 
  • As County Executive, Tom helped Outagamie County construct one of the first net-zero general aviation facilities in the country, led operation of an award-winning recycling facility that processes about 100,000 tons of material each year, led partnerships with area farmers on a cover-cropping program that keeps dangerous methane gas in the ground; and soon will be unveiling a $25 million methane recovery facility at the county landfill.  

More Information:

  • Read Tom’s Medium post on forming the Blue-Green coalition for a Green New Deal here.
  • Watch Tom’s video rallying with members of 350 Milwaukee to target Wall Street investments here.
  • Listen to Tom’s testimony from the Wisconsin DNR Line 5 hearing here. He was the only U.S. Senate candidate to testify in opposition.
  • Watch Tom’s speech from the Sunrise Green New Deal Festival here.