Wisconsinites are known for their thrifty and budget conscious ways. Tom’s frugal budgeting as County Executive ensures taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and budgets are balanced all the while making sure employees receive a fair wage and good benefits. Tom is committed to responsible fiscal stewardship for our federal budget and to make sure waste and fraud is rooted out of the government, and reversing the budget-busting Trump / Ron Johnson tax cuts. 

Tom’s Agenda:

  • Crack down on wasteful spending, particularly in bloated defense and Pentagon budgets
  • Make sure wealthy pay their fair share

Tom’s Record:

  • Outagamie County is one of seven Wisconsin counties with a top-rated Aaa bond rating
  • Passed 11 balanced budgets on time with bipartisan support
  • Vetoed a sales tax 
  • Wrote six budgets in a row that included a declining tax rate.