Russ Feingold was right about the threat money and unchecked power poses to democracy.

Without fundamental reforms in redistricting, voter protection, securing the right to vote and campaign finance reform, American democracy will continue to be whittled away.

As our democracy has eroded, those things that help working families, as intended, have been stymied. So, without reforms in democracy and protections for democracy, we’ll never be able to enact Medicare for All, a Green New Deal or tax fairness.

It’s time to get serious about protecting American democracy.

Tom’s Agenda:

  • Abolish the filibuster.
  • Pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
  • Overturn Citizens United and get dark, unregulated money out of politics. 
  • Support public financing of campaigns so working class candidates have a fair shot at office.
  • Ban members of Congress and their families from trading stocks.
  • Institute Instant Runoff Voting to open up our political system to more voices. 

More Information: 

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