Nothing is more critical than investing in our children and we must continue to bolster educational opportunities for everyone. Lack of funding, the disastrous impact of Act 10 and the COVID crisis has led to a teacher shortage crisis that urgently needs to be addressed.

We must also expand educational opportunities for vocational education and apprenticeships working with trade unions. Our technical colleges should be fully funded and more investments should be made to serve as a pipeline to Registered Apprenticeship programs. Not every Wisconsinite needs to attend a 4 year college in order to make a decent living.

Another facet of making sure education is open to all is removing the specter of crushing student debt. Tom believes we should cancel up to $50,000 of student loan debt, and start controlling the runaway costs of higher education. Further, in addition to technical college being free, community college should be free for the first two years.

Tom’s Agenda:

  • Invest in teacher salaries to address the teacher shortage crisis
  • Expand apprenticeship and vocational ed programs
  • Free community and technical college for every American as well as expanded public funding for other public higher learning institutions
  • Forgiving up to $50,000 in student loans
  • Investigate controlling costs for higher education