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Pulling for All Wisconsin

Blue Vest Tom

Tom’s working class resume

Tom Nelson, a Democratic candidate for US Senate in Wisconsin, talks about the many low-wage jobs he’s worked in his hometown of Little Chute and why they helped prepare him to fight for working families.

Tough Turkey Talk with Tom

Billionaires and corporations are gobbling up all the profits, leaving scraps for the rest of us. To help me change this, donate here!

Garage Sale

It seems like every other Senate candidate in Wisconsin is self-funding these days, so I’m taking a crack at it myself by selling some of my old stuff. Will it work?

Working for a Different Wall Street

Tom Nelson running for Senate against millionaires and billionaires who can raise tons of cash from buddies on Wall Street in New York.

A Halloween Horror Story

This Halloween, the scariest horror story of all is happening in the U.S. Senate.

Tom’s Christmas Wishes

Tom Nelson, candidate for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, shares his Christmas wish list. “I started my campaign with a garage sale. Now I’m dedicating my Christmas wish list to America’s future.”

Way (Way) Too Many

It’s official. Ron Johnson has broken his promise to only serve 2 terms in the Senate. Take it from him – there are too many millionaire politicians like Ron Johnson in the U.S. Senate.

“Packers Rule” Stock Trading Ban

Members of Congress have used their positions to cheat the stock market and make millions. When I’m in the Senate we’ll follow the Packer model and put an end to this. If you agree – add your name:

A Father’s Day Roast

Psst… this is Tom’s wife. I’m posting this as a Father’s Day gift for Tom… I hope he likes roasts!

‘Til The Job Got Done

In 2007, Wisconsin embarrassingly was the last state to pass a budget. So, I stood up to both parties and conducted a one week sit-in to get it done. Public service is about doing the right thing – even if it means standing up to your own party. Bold leadership matters.

Wisconsin Roots

Playing trivia with my kids to make sure they know their deep Wisconsin roots.

No Weak Beers – DPW Convention Speech

Recording from WisconsinEye

Tom on the Issues

Farming and antitrust

Wisconsin has lost 70% of its family dairy farms — largely due to greedy Big Ag monopolies that ruin the environment, screw over workers, and hurt consumers.

Nabisco/Frito-Lay Strike

My family quit Frito-Lay snacks and has been boycotting Nabisco. Given Mondelez’s attempts to squash their striking workers, I’m clearing out my pantry. Corporate monopolies are starving this country.

Milwaukee 350 Rally to protest Chase Bank

Big banks are dumping massive amounts of money into the fossil fuel industry, and Chase is the biggest culprit. I was proud to support 350 Milwaukee in their dogged efforts to hold the banks accountable for endangering our planet.

Tom talks job losses to China

#OTD in 1993, NAFTA was signed into law by President Clinton, setting in place decades of Wisconsin manufacturing jobs heading overseas.

Medicare for All: Tom and Maria

In 1994, a TV couple named Harry and Louise helped dash the effort to enact universal health care. Now, Tom and Maria, a real couple with scarily real hospital bills, are working to enact Medicare for All.

Support of Medicare for All

My mother died of cancer 19 years ago. I miss her every single day. But mom was lucky — she had insurance that covered her care. It’s just wrong that over 33 million Americans lack insurance, especially during this pandemic.

Maria on Voting Rights

Tom’s wife, Maria, couldn’t vote in 2020. Maria joined other Wisconsin residents in asking the courts to make it safer for people to vote all the time.

Debate Challenge

Saying “this race shouldn’t be a coronation,” Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson on Monday called on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) to organize a series of debates among the crowded field seeking to replace incumbent U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and I #WearOrange to recognize the victims and survivors of gun violence. We cannot stand by, mourning the lives lost to gun violence but doing nothing to prevent this loss. Common-sense gun reforms, including universal background checks and red flag laws, are long overdue.

Student Debt Roundtable

Student debt is crippling. We appreciate President Biden taking this on. We need to forgive the debt, stop universities from gouging students, and pay a $15 minimum wage.

AD: On Your Team

I’m running for the U.S. Senate to defeat Ron Johnson AND I’m rooting for the Bucks. But I’m not rooting for YOUR tax dollars being used to make billionaires richer.


A waste of your land and your tax dollars.


Seed companies aren’t doing farmers any favors. It’s time to #BustUpBigAg and protect our family farmers. #FarmTechDays

Tom on Foreign Policy and Trade

From the Dane County Democrats Forum

Rallies and Speeches

SEIU Rally Speech for Aspirus workers

I went out to fight alongside the essential workers at Aspirus Health in Wisconsin Rapids and the SEIU who are trying to get the compensation and benefits that they deserve. Here are my remarks.

Rally to Support Hufcor Workers in Janesville

I joined the IUE-CWA at Hufcor to fight shipping jobs to Mexico. They’re putting profits over people and allowing private equity greed to destroy our communities in the process.

Medicare For All March Speech

I went and marched with Wisconsinites outside of Ron Johnson’s office to call for Medicare For All.

Tom’s 2021 DPW Convention Speech

Listen to my DPW Convention Speech

PRO Act Rally Speech

I went and rallied with Wisconsinites outside of Ron Johnson’s office to call for the passing of the PRO Act. Here are my remarks.

Sunrise Movement Green New Deal Festival

Democrats must step up and deliver the strongest possible Green New Deal, constructed by union workers.

Minocqua Bans Off Our Bodies Rally

We must codify Roe and when we defeat Ron Johnson we’ll finally have a working majority to do so.

Line 5 Rally

I was honored to be joined by Sunrise Wisconsin and Madison 350 to rally against Line 5.

Insiders on Why Tom Can Win

WisOpinion ‘The Insiders’ Segment on Tom Nelson

The WisOpinion ‘The Insiders’ podcast evaluates the field of candidates for the U.S. Senate, including Tom Nelson – “probably the hardest working person in politics.”

Tom Nelson is the Democratic Senate candidate to beat Ron Johnson

Appreciate the Center Stage podcast featuring Scott Milfred and Phil Hands of the Wisconsin State Journal noting how my experience makes me stand out in this Senate race.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Bill Glauber on Tom Nelson for US Senate

On July 16th, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel political reporter Bill Glauber appeared on the Steve Scaffidi show to discuss the 2022 US Senate Race.

Isthmus Interview with Tom Nelson

‘This is the people’s campaign’ – Tom Nelson

Center Stage Podcast Discussing Wisconsin Senate Race

The ‘Center Stage’ podcast notes the field of candidates, including Tom Nelson – the “most experienced” candidate.