The ramifications of overturning Roe v. Wade would be devastating. This is especially true for Wisconsinites because we still have a total abortion ban on the books from 1849 that would criminalize abortion with NO exceptions for rape or incest if Roe is overturned. We can’t let doctors be threatened with prison simply for providing safe reproductive care.


With Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban still on the books, we need bold, immediate action in the U.S. Senate to protect women’s lives. Tom has always been a pro-choice champion, despite representing a conservative area, and has never wavered in his belief that women have a right to make decisions about their own healthcare.


Tom has a 100 percent NARAL and Planned Parenthood lifetime rating as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly (2005-11), and has the longest proven track record of any Senate candidate standing up to Republican attacks on women’s reproductive rights.


Tom’s record on a woman’s right to choose is why he has been endorsed by State Senator Kelda Roys, the former head of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin, who said, “Tom’s unwavering support for abortion rights is one reason I’m enthusiastically supporting him in this primary. It’s easy to be pro-choice in Madison, but Tom is a proven champion for choice from a conservative red area, where it’s not always easy to advocate for abortion rights. While other Democrats have wavered on these tough issues, Tom never has.”


Tom’s Agenda:

  • A women’s right to choose must be protected.The filibuster should be eliminated so Roe v. Wade can be codified.
  • Addressing racial disparities and Wisconsin’s shameful health outcomes for communities of color through Medicare for All
  • Ensure doctors are able to provide patients with the healthcare they need
  • Universal and free access to contraception to help reduce unplanned pregnancies

Tom’s Record:

  • Tom has a 100% lifetime NARAL and Planned Parenthood voting record
  • Endorsed by pro-choice, former Wisconsin NARAL head State Senator Kelda Roys
  • Voted for and passed high standards for human growth and development instruction, to teach health benefits, side effects, and proper use of contraceptives and barrier methods approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Voted for and passed a bill that requires hospitals to offer emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault. 

More Information:

Watch Tom speaking at Minoqua Bans off our Bodies rally on May 14, 2022 here.