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Only Senate Candidate to Stake out this Position to Confront Extremist Court

APPLETON, WI –  Populist U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson is making headlines for being the only U.S. Senate candidate who supports expanding the Supreme Court. With an illegitimate extreme majority present in the Supreme Court endangering our basic Constitutional rights, expanding the court should be considered. 

WKOW: “U.S. Senate candidate calls on lawmakers to codify abortion rights, expand Supreme Court.” 

“Nelson also said he favors expanding the Supreme Court.

“We have an extremist Supreme Court based off justices who were illegitimately appointed,” he said. “I believe we need to expand the court to bring some balance back to these justices who are clearly overstepping their bounds and legislating from the bench.””

WISC-TV: “Nelson pushes for expansion of Supreme Court following abortion ruling”

“Nelson was joined by state Sen. Kelda Roys and young abortion rights activists. During his remarks, he touted his stance as the only candidate to propose expanding the nation’s high court, adding the court has been made larger before.

“We now have an illegitimate right-wing majority that is going to be locked in for at least another generation,” he said. “Women, people of color, the environment — we cannot wait a generation or two for justice.”

Wisconsin State Journal:

“Nelson had said he supports term limits and increasing the number of justices, and he campaigned in Madison on Wednesday on increasing the court’s size.”